Meet Mike,

Our Head Brewer at 7th Day

Tell us a bit about your lifestyle, Mike.

M: Well before I became a Brewer I spent most of my working life as a part-time cinematographer, part-time stay at home dad. In between juggling the two, something that just started out as a hobby at home, soon kick-started this recent life change, which led to where I am now, making the beer that you’re drinking. I enjoy what I’m doing…It allows me to have a laidback lifestyle and still earn cash while doing it. It’s a very flexible work life, I’m the boss of the brewery haha, so I can sort of nip off for a surf when I have the time, and also still go pick up the kids after school. It’s easy and I love it.


So you go pick up the kids whilst you’re still working?

M: Yeah, then I just bring them back here to hang out. They’ve sort of turned into little brewery rats.


Why did you start brewing beer? Is there a story behind it?

M: First of all I love drinking good beer…and I get curious about how things work (as you do). I went and bought one of those home brewing kits…it was so crappy though, right. So I did some research and read about these guys who had basically built mini breweries and operated them out of their garage. I followed this brewery pattern from this guy in Holland and built my own garage brewery (The original one I made still sits above the bathroom when you first walk into our Taphouse actually). Soon enough my mates would come by and we’d set up our chairs on the drive, drink, watch the surf at curly beach and talk about the beer I’d just made. It became a regular routine.


What is the meaning behind the name 7th day?

M: Originally the business idea was crowd funded. I used to collaborate with this street artist from Berlin (He was a bit like Banksy). We used to work together in the film industry, he was a director. So I wrote to him and asked if he had any designs that I could use for the brand. Which is when he gave me an artwork folder called 7th Day. 7th day was originally a skating brand and was a slightly satirical idea of kicking back and relaxing on the day of rest. This name was Dave the Chimp - He essentially gave us the brand. So that was the initial iteration of the crowd funding – It was a great start to the business.


What is important to you about the company?

M:Definitely the notion of the local community. We couldn’t have gotten off the ground without the help of the initial crowd funding and help from everyone who heard about what we were trying to get started. That’s where our company tagline came from…Drink good, do good. We’re about the people here at 7th Day, and whatever we can do to give back to the community is our number one priority. We try to accommodate local charities and events that include everyone. It’s about everyone.

 Another important aspect to the company would have to be recycling. We want to be carbon neutral…it’s about using sustainable materials. The customer space has been recycled or up-cycled – The cable drums, the wooden barrels, the copper piping, and the vertical palette plant wall. Our bar is also built from recycled timber left behind from the structures that occupied the factory prior to the Brewery.


So far, What beer are you most proud of ?

 M: Quite proud of the Pilsner. 98% of the world is all about pilsner and it’s got some negative connotations that it’s a very standard beer. But if you make it well, you can’t really go wrong with it. I’ve proved people wrong with my Pilsner!


We’ve seen a surfboard in the brewery – we gather you surf in your spare time…What’s your favourite beach?

 M: Curly, without a doubt. It’s where it all began! (It’s also why its written on our logo) Back in the beginning where I’d sit in my garage with my mates brewing and hanging out – we’d always be right by the beach. I often find myself asking; do we surf today or brew today?


Do you have a life motto?

 M: Do as you would be done by. Treat people like you want to be treated. Go about everything in the same way.


Any surprises coming up ?

 M: Haha, there’s always surprises in the brewery.